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Massa Dental Center

Massa Dental Center brings unparalleled expertise to its dentistry practice. With world-renowned methods for improving airways and eliminating sleep apnea, along with some of the most sought-after techniques in cosmetic dentistry, the team at Massa Dental offers the most advanced dentistry practices in Naples.

“Oral health correlates to whole body health,” says practice founder, Dr. James Massa. “That’s why we focus on a full-body approach to dentistry.”

One of the practice’s key focuses is airway improvement.

“How we breathe affects everything,” Dr. Massa says. “The way we breathe has become markedly worse since the industrial age. So many modern medical issues are affected by our inability to inhale and exhale – such as asthma, anxiety, ADHD, and TMJ. That’s why our focus on getting people to breathe better is such an effective treatment.”

Massa Dental’s highly trained team deploys self-healing appliances to improve mid-facial growth to increase sinus capacity and airway volume. In twelve to eighteen months of appliance use, airways are reconfigured, and patients experience the benefits of better breathing, better sleep, and overall better health. The practice has three clinical technicians certified in the world-renowned Buteyko breathing technique.

In addition to its focus on improving airways, Massa Dental is also highly specialized in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Tony Tomaro, who recently joined the practice, is famous amongst celebrity circles for his handmade veneers. Each veneer is custom crafted by his personal ceramist. No two smiles are ever the same.

Pictured, seated from left: Dr. Tony Tomaro, Dr. Daniel Cocris, Dr. James Massa, Dr. Stacey Vlachos

Standing, from left: Sabrina, Cindy, Heidi, Lisa, Emaleigh, Eliana, Thurman Massa, Mrs. Jennifer Massa, Adi, Celine, Linda, Stephanie

2220 Venetian Court
Suite 1
Naples, FL 34109
T: 239.597.7333