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Mitchell Dannenberg is the first insurance consultant you’ll find who focuses more on his clients having a plan – of which insurance is one facet of that plan.

Based in Naples, Mitchell is an insurance professional who has clients across the country. He creates solutions that range from term life policies, to more robust permanent cash value whole life policies, along with other coverages. He also specializes in life settlements – helping sell life insurance that is no longer needed.

Mitchell offers a boutique approach to client service, although he disdains the terms concierge and fiduciary. Laughing in a good-natured fashion, he laments, “Everyone uses these terms today,” and adds, “If people must advertise that they put their clients first, then I question whether they truly do!” Time and again, Mitchell’s clients openly share that they love working with him because he’s just so genuine.

“I’ve never met an insurance guy like you,” is something Mitchell hears often. One of his high-net-worth clients recently shared, “When I ask you a question, you answer it candidly, whereas most people simply tell me what they think I want to hear.”

Mitchell doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and enjoys sharing stories based upon his business and life experiences. His planning revolves around what matters most to his clients, be that a spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, business interests or desires for charitable giving.

Pictured: Mitchell Dannenberg and corporate mascot Bernie

P.O. Box 112307
Naples, FL 34108
C: 239.877.1688