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Florida’s Decorators Warehousing & Delivery

Alysia MacKarvich and her team at Florida’s Decorators Warehousing & Delivery are experts at receiving, inspecting, and storing goods for their Interior Designers, Homeowners and Purchasing Agents, for projects of all sizes. “You name it – anything that has to do with materials for the home can be received and stored,” says Alysia.

This includes interior furnishings, flooring, cabinetry, rugs, artwork, and lighting. The pieces are inspected, inventoried, and stored together as a collection. By utilizing Decorator Dashboard, the company’s trademarked inventory program, goods are tracked through the entire process. “We work with both commercial and private clients to meet all their warehousing needs,” says Alysia. “We become their warehouse.”

Once a home, clubhouse or condominium has completed construction or renovation, Florida’s Decorators Warehousing & Delivery will carefully deliver and install each piece. “It’s turnkey ready when we’re finished!”

Pictured: Alysia MacKarvich, President

28741 South Cargo Court
Unit 1
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
T: 239.948.4550