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Family Law Practice at Coleman Taylor Klaus Doupé Diaz & Torrez

The family law practice at Coleman Taylor Klaus Doupé Diaz & Torrez offers a variety of Marital and Family Law services, including pre- and post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, jurisdictional disputes, paternity actions, and divorce, to name a few.

Reuben Doupé, board-certified with nearly 21 years of experience, explains, “Our specialty is high-net-worth divorces. Extremely knowledgeable and focused attorneys are important in these types of cases. Anybody with a calculator can add up a net worth and divide by two, but with high-net-worth divorces, it’s often more complicated than that.”

“Our team of family law attorneys take into consideration factors like tax impacts, unvested future income, and deferred income. Additionally, our firm has a roster of highly trained experts whom we can call upon, including forensic accountants and valuation experts. It’s the nuances that are essential. Attorneys with our kind of proficiency know what to look for.”

Pictured, from left: Dale Klaus, Sarah Oquendo, Reuben Doupé

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