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Charlene DeLuca, MD

Dr. Charlene DeLuca offers something rare in the medical world: the luxury of time. As a concierge physician, she spends one to two hours with each patient on a visit. Her patients can request unlimited visits. And she’s always available to them on her cell phone.

“My days of traditional medicine were challenged by time and restrictions,” Dr. DeLuca says. “Now, I can limit my number, which allows me the benefit of giving more time and personalized care.”

Communication, she insists, leads to better medicine. “Our patients often give us the clues we need to better help them. We just need more time to listen. I have that luxury now, and I’m very grateful.”

Years ago, when Dr. DeLuca was beginning her medical training at Brown, she had a conversation with her father that shaped her approach to care. Her father, a pediatrician, worried that the best days of medicine were behind them. His practice had included house calls and long, personal visits with his patients. But that style of medicine was becoming a thing of the past.

Over the course of her own medical career, Dr. DeLuca has returned to the kind of engaged, compassionate care she witnessed with her father. Now, as a concierge physician, she finds herself working in a way her father admires.

“It’s the closest thing to the type of medicine that I saw him practice,” she says. “My patients are more than just patients; they are my extended family.”

Pictured: Charlene DeLuca, MD

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