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Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery by Kiran Gill, MD

In an age where women want it all, Dr. Kiran Gill does it all for her patients.

A highly respected plastic surgeon – and the only female owned boutique plastic surgery practice in Southwest Florida – Dr. Gill heads a dynamic, all-female staff uniquely positioned to meet the needs of their clients. Having opened her own practice in April of 2018, she says women come to her assured they’ll be understood.

“When you have a female leader in medicine, it changes the communications and dynamics. Men and women are different, but I can identify with my female patients when they say, ‘I feel droopy’ or ‘my abdomen isn’t the same after kids.’ I know what it’s like; I truly understand what they’re saying.”

Dr. Gill’s insight and that of her highly qualified and professional team encompasses not only a woman’s need to take care of herself without guilt, but how to best express that.

“The approach I take with my patients is really a meeting of our minds – between their desires and my expertise. For me, it’s important to listen carefully to my patients to learn what they want and how they feel. Then, I offer my professional opinion and we come up with a plan.”

Setting up her own practice was a challenge she embraced wholeheartedly, when the opportunity presented itself.

“I was in a great practice elsewhere, but I was looking at what I wanted to do for the next 20 years and my vision was different from where I was. I didn’t want to compromise. My patients see that in everything I do.”


Pictured: Kiran Gill, MD FACS


6610 Willow Park Drive, Suite 104, Naples, FL 34109
T: 239.596.8000