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Dal Lago Law

When Mike Dal Lago hands out his business card, there’s something rare printed on it: his cell phone number. “I encourage my clients to call me whenever they want,” he says. “Mornings, evenings, weekends. I’m still their attorney, even when I’m not in the office.”

This dedication sets Dal Lago Law apart from other firms. Mike and his associates bring a focused devotion to their clients – the kind that’s only possible in a boutique practice. The firm specializes in bankruptcy law and corporate solutions. In his bankruptcy cases, Mike’s goal is to help save a company from closing its doors. With corporate solutions, his cases are broader, often helping young companies grow and expand.

Mike’s favorite part of his practice? “I work very closely with my clients. We develop relationships both professionally and personally. They know I care about them, and I like to think they care about me.”

Pictured, from left: Jennifer Duffy, Mike Dal Lago, Christian Haman

999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34108
T: 239.571.6877
C: 201.417.8229