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Empowerment Farm

After years of dedication to her community through professional and philanthropic actions, Tiffany Lehman realized her true passion was calling; it was time to sell her insurance agency and fulfill her lifelong dream.

Welcome to Empowerment Farm – a nonprofit with a mission to Empower Children and Adults With Animals, Plants and Each Other Through Farm-Based Activities. Programs have been designed to empower anyone looking to connect with nature.

“If you have cared for an animal, grown a plant from a seed, or simply sat in silence in a field to take in the sounds of nature, then you’ll understand our purpose,” explains Tiffany. “Free of all labels, social demands, external pressures, and false ideals, Empowerment Farm provides a naturally therapeutic atmosphere where you can just be ‘you’ and experience the importance of simplification and connection to the earth.”

Pictured: Tiffany Lehman

Empowerment Farm
2338 Immokalee Road
Suite 435
Naples, FL 34110
T: 239.944.6593