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Cristina Sciavolino-Day, MD

There’s nothing Dr. Cristina Sciavolino-Day loves more than spending time with her patients.

So, as a concierge physician, she does just that, spending one to two hours on each visit, thoroughly reviewing every aspect of her patient’s health profile.

Her move to the concierge model – which replaces health insurance with an annual fee – not only means she takes a more thorough medical history, but she gets to know her patients personally. Having more time together means being able to pay attention to details that are usually rushed. The emphasis has shifted from being reactive to proactive.

“My mission over the last 23 years has been to provide quality care by truly listening to my patients and never rushing through issues. Recently, traditional practices have been pressured to see more patients in less time, thus making my approach to medicine very difficult. That’s why I shifted to a concierge practice.”

“My patients love it. Their first visit is two hours. Many have never had a full history done, with a plan, follow-up phone calls or visits. I treat my patients like I want to be treated.”

Setting up her practice has been a family project. Helped by husband Michael, father Dr. Adolfo Elizalde, son Christopher and other family members, Cristina is now able to spend more time with fewer patients for better health outcomes.

“Many of my patients are not wealthy, but they are fed up with how hard it is to be seen. Concierge doctors can provide better quality of care because of the luxury of time. It’s as simple as that.”

Pictured: Dr. Cristina Sciavolino-Day

1175 Creekside Parkway, Suite 300, Naples, FL 34108
T: 239.596.8702