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Wilson & Johnson

Over the past 35 years, estate laws have changed – and changed again.

Yet even with the potential of more changes following the 2020 presidential election, the team at Wilson & Johnson has clients covered. 

A trusted estate planning, administration and tax law firm since 1981, Wilson & Johnson ensures clients are prepared for changes to federal and state laws, says founding partner, George Wilson.

“The amount you can leave your children without incurring estate tax has changed in 35 years, and although that may change again with a new administration, we’ll work proactively with our clients to protect and prepare them.”

Beginning with a thorough review of a family’s net worth, assets and wishes, the team at Wilson & Johnson creates a multi-faceted and in-depth estate plan designed to reduce the tax burden.

“We begin with two or three meetings to ensure that we fully understand a family’s net worth, the idiosyncrasies of their estate and all of the people involved, right down to the youngest grandchild,” says George. “From there, we create an estate plan which may include appointing an independent trustee as younger children are educated on managing inherited wealth. Another important aspect we focus on is charitable planning, to remove the risk of estate tax.”

Not surprisingly, Wilson & Johnson is known for building robust and thoughtful approaches to reduce or eliminate state and federal taxes.

“Our job is to guide our clients in the best way possible to pass on their wealth.”


Pictured, from left: Jennifer Nackley, Jonas Weatherbie, Kyle Bacchus, George Wilson, William Clements, Jeffrey Hoffman, Robert Carroll, F. Edward Johnson

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