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BrightStar Care®

Ask the Executive Team of BrightStar Care about their approach to homecare. Their answer will be unequivocal.

“For us, it’s personal,” says Susan Nimnuan, Vice President. “Our team has the privilege of working with seniors in need of care. The business itself may be challenging, but our relationships with our clients are exponentially rewarding.”

For 17 years, BrightStar Care has been creating a higher quality of life for clients, all in the comfort of their own homes. As a Joint Commission Accredited agency, the company’s top priority is the health and safety of clients and staff.

“We provide a full spectrum of services, including non-medical to medical care with trained professionals all led by two Directors of Nursing,” says Owner, John Botsko, Jr. “As the needs of our clients grow and change, we grow and change with them.”

Each client’s care plan, tailored specifically to them, begins with a complete head-to-toe assessment performed by a registered nurse. When it comes to providing care, BrightStar team members focus on filling their time together with purpose.

“We emphasize purposeful engagement,” explains Executive Director, Tracy Brady. “This program was developed to provide personal interaction that is essential to the health and well-being of our older adults. These are appropriate activities that our seniors can enjoy, and be successful at, for where they are on their journey.” Susan agrees. “We’re not just providing hands-on care. We’re building connections between our clients and our caregivers while providing the highest quality of care.”

Pictured, from left: Susan Nimnuan, John Botsko, Jr., Tracy Brady

28901 Trails Edge Boulevard
Suite 203
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
T: 239.992.4779