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Massa Dental Center

As many Americans face an epidemic of jaw dysfunction due to environmental and postural issues, The Massa Dental Center is creating harmony and balance, one patient at a time. Dr. James Massa, a leading clinician in epigenetic growth and TMJ issues, explains: “Caused by diet and improper craniofacial development, and exacerbated by breathing issues and posture, jaw dysfunction can be a factor in a myriad of physical issues.”

“We strive to create harmony and balance in the face, neck and smile of our patients. We’re highly dedicated to the best quality service, with care and deep compassion, supported by knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We’re proud of that!”

Using the latest in 3D imaging and onsite milling, Dr. Massa and his team offer precise assessment and same day procedures in general and cosmetic dentistry, craniofacial issues, and implants. “For our patients’ continued health, we’re with them all the way, from corrective issues and dental care to maintenance and prevention.”


Pictured, from left: Daniel Cocris, D.M.D.; James W. Massa, D.D.S., L.V.I.F.; Stacey Vlachos, D.D.S., A.B.O.I., I.C.O.I.


2220 Venetian Court, Suite 1, Naples, FL 34109
T: 239.597.7333