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MAD Travel

In a do-it-yourself travel era, MAD Travel stands out. Owners, Lee and Lisa McCarthy, explain: “We have contacts all over the world. We don’t just know the best hotel to stay in – we know the best room with the best view in that hotel! And we know the key person there to assist our clients!”

This exceptional level of expertise is what helps Lee, and his agents, provide their clients with unparalleled, personalized service. “We hear what our customers want to see and experience, and we deliver a trip tailored to their desires.”

Extraordinary vacations begin with careful planning. From game safaris in East Africa, historian-led tours of Pompei, or visits to the vineyards of Tuscany by helicopter, Lee and his staff ensure that every vacation becomes a trip of a lifetime.

“Very few people have the tools we have. That really gives our clients a leg up.”

Pictured, from left: Lisa McCarthy, Lee McCarthy

36 9th Street South
Suite 3
Naples, FL 34102
T: 239.263.4433